SAP Sneak Preview License Key Request
Several Preview and Evaluation versions of SAP software are available via the SAP Developer Network (SDN) for evaluation purposes. Before using the software it has to be activated with an individual license key, which can be ordered via this page.
This page offers licenses for the following SAP systems, most of them available for download via the SDN Download Catalog:
Windows Operating System:
For more information about the SAP Sneak Preview versions on the Windows platform, please have a look at this Troubleshooting Guide in the SDN.
Linux Operating System:
For more information about the individual TestDrive versions on the Linux platform, e.g. regarding hardware requirements, or tips & tricks, please follow the individual links to SDN.
As soon as you have installed the SAP Sneak Preview software, you have to determine your hardware key to apply for an evaluation license key. Please follow these instructions to determine your hardware key:
  • On Linux run "saplicense -get" on the command line as user <sid>adm.
  • Or check transaction SLICENSE in systems where an ABAP-stack is available.
Please fill out the form below using that key and a 90-day license should be emailed to you within minutes.
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